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American Association of People with Disabilities, Paul G. Hearne Emerging Leader Award Recipient, March 2018

This short video is captioned and audio-described. (~5 minutes)

In 2018, I received the Hearne Award along with Emily Ladau, blogger at Words I Wheel By and Editor in Chief of Rooted in Rights. In 2017, the Hearne awardees were Katherine Perez, founder of Coalición Nacional para Latinxs con Discapacidades (National Coalition for Latinxs with Disabilities), and Odunola Ojewumi, founder of Project ASCEND. Other badass activists, organizers, and advocates who have received this award include Alice Wong, c0-founder of Crip the Vote and founder of the Disability Visibility Project; Talila A. Lewis, founder and volunteer director of Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities (HEARD); and Rahnee K. Patrick, director of independent living at Access Living.

Colorado Trust, Health Equity Learning Series, February 2017

The video of my talk is captioned in both English and Spanish. (~ 1 hour 30 minutes)

Full transcript available. You can also download the full video or an audio-only podcast version from the Colorado Trust website.

El video de mi conferencia está subtitulado en español e inglés. (1 hora 30 minutos)

Inclusive Astronomy, June 2015

Here is a captioned video of the talk I gave at Inclusive Astronomy at Vanderbilt University in June 2015!
(Video is approximately 45 minutes long, with content warning for graphic descriptions of violence.)

Witch, Please! Episode Rho, November 2016

And here is Episode Rho from Witch, Please! at Tufts Univesity, where I joined podcast hosts Hannah McGregor and Marcelle Kosman to discuss disability, race, and queerness in the Harry Potter universe in November 2016!

(Access note: This is an audio-only file and it is 1 hour, 41 minutes long. I’m checking/working on a text transcript!)

Sideways Times, April 2017

This is an episode of a U.K. based podcast hosted by Lani Parker on disability politics!

My episode is titled, “Disability justice is the art and the practice of honouring the body” An interview with Lydia X.Z. Brown.

The page features downloadable MP3, and full text transcript.

Conversations in Bioethics, February 2017

And here is Conversations in Bioethics 2017: Disability, hosted by the Georgetown University Kennedy Institute of Ethics, a panel alongside Julia Watts Belser, Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, Donna Walton, Rick Giudotti, John Hockenberry, and Margaret Little.

(Video begins around 14 minutes into the recording and contains captions, but are sometimes delayed.)

Dylan Marron: Shutting Down Bullsh*t About Autism 2, January 2017

Featured alongside Dylan Marron, Mallory Cruz, Elliott DeLine, and Kirsten Lindsmith.

Video shows captions on the screen.

Disability Intersectionality Summit, November 2016

Talk on “Disability Justice Intersection with Racial Justice, and Queer/Trans Liberation” given at the first Disability Intersectionality Summit in Boston, Massachusetts. The first DIS was sponsored by the Disability Policy Consortium, with Sandy Ho as the driving organizer.

Video has captions available if you click on the closed captions button.

Women of the World Festival, March 2017

Main talks programme panel “Intersectionality for Beginners” at Women of the World Festival 2017, in London, United Kingdom. This panel featurered a keynote from Lydia X. Z. Brown and panel of Guppi Bola, Kuchenga Shenje, Eleanor Lisney, and Emma Dabiri, chaired by Hannah Azieb Poole.

Video has automatically generated captions that are decent but not totally reliable. Full text transcript of the video excerpt by Lydia X. Z. Brown.

Ignite! Georgetown, March 2013

This is a three-minute breakdown of the social model of disability.

Full text transcript for Ignite speech available.

Tuesdays with Liz: Disability Policy for All, May 2016

Discussion on my work on All the Weight of Our Dreams anthology with Liz Weintraub for the Association of University Centers on Disabilities.

Automatic captions are okay, but not great.

White House Champions of Change, July 2013

This is the panel discussion for the honorees for the Americans with Disabilities Act anniversary in 2013. The other honorees are Anjali J. Forber-Pratt, Zoe Gross, Desiree Moore, Andrew Phillips, Zachary Garafalo, Ki’tay D. Davidson, and Anupa Iyer. The moderator is Rebecca Cokley.

Video is captioned, but the captions aren’t perfect and are frequently inaccurate.

Al Jazeera: The Stream: Deconstructing Disability, May 2013

Featured alongside Lawrence Carter-Long (from the National Council on Disability), Gregor Wolbring (Professor of Disability Studies, University of Calgary), and Tommy Edison (better known as the Blind Film Critic). Producers are Femi Oke and Malika Bilal.

Full text transcript of Deconstructing Disability available.

Day of Mourning for People with Disabilities, Vigil, March 2013

Brief speech given at the D.C. vigil. Video is captioned.

Testimony Against Judge Rotenberg Center, Summer 2015

Video is a bit shaky. Video is captioned.

Disability Etiquette in One Care, July 2016

Featured alongside Moses Mallard, Remon Jourdan, Paul Styczko, and Linda Long-Bellil.

May Moses rest in power. He passed from this earth in November 2017, after many years of fierce and passionate activism and advocacy on peer-led supports by/for people with lived experience.

Keynote Address by Lydia X.Z. Brown at the Matthew Reardon Center for Autism 2018 Autism Conference, March 2018

“Affirmation, Empowerment and Justice: What the Neurodiversity Movement Teaches Us”

Unfortunately, although I asked the folks who filmed this, this video is not captioned or transcribed. I will be checking into options to fix that ASAP.

Al Jazeera, Students with Autism Face School-Sponsored Violence, April 2017

Video is partially captioned, but not audio-described.

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