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Parade (2008): Autism Changes Everything by Suzanne Wright

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On 27 January 2008, Autism Speaks co-founder Suzanne Wright (d. 2016) published a short editorial in Parade titled “Autism Changes Everything.” That op-ed has been repeatedly cited by autistic people and others critically examining rhetoric about autism in the public sphere, but it has disappeared from Parade‘s website, and so far (as of August 2016), you have to go back to several year old captures in the Wayback Machine to find its text. They’re doing a good job of trying to make it disappear from the internet. (But the internet remembers forever.)

Here is the text of that awful piece, preserved for posterity (meaning, so current and future advocates can have it as a piece of evidence in the rhetorical war on autism — and by extension, on autistic people), so we don’t forget or lose records of the things they’ve said about us:



Suzanne Wright

[Photo: Suzanne Wright and her grandson, Christian.]

My grandson Christian and I used to sit by the side of the road together and talk about the different vehicles as they passed. He loved to name them all—mail truck, delivery truck, garbage truck. Our home videos, now too painful to watch, show a happy little boy reveling in the new role of big brother.

A few months later, this bright, beautiful child was somehow slipping away from us. His words left him, and his playful personality gave way to frequent and intense tantrums. His potty training disappeared. He began to suffer from gastrointestinal problems and recurring infections. The sensation of sand under his feet now made a walk on the beach feel like torture. Autism had its grip on Christian, and it was taking hold of our entire family in the process.

For a while, we mourned the loss of the little boy we knew and all we hoped he would become someday. And then we got back to loving and celebrating the wonderful child he is and how much he has to offer.

My husband Bob [vice chairman of General Electric] and I simply could not fathom why so little was known about a disorder that was devastating thousands of families like ours. Where were the impassioned speeches on the floors of Congress? Why hadn’t anyone told us this could happen to our grandchild—to anyone’s child?

Some may view autism as the disease du jour, the cause of the moment. That trivializes what many are enduring. Families are literally going broke trying to provide their children with the services they deserve. Adults with autism are failing to meet their potential.

Our grief evolved into feelings of anger and, eventually, determination. We started a foundation called Autism Speaks and, working with thousands of remarkable parents, have brought this issue front and center. With the help of the United Nations, we are taking this effort global. This year, April 2 will be World Autism Awareness Day.

We’re now playing catch-up as we try to stem the tide and ultimately eradicate autism for the sake of future generations. If we continue our current trajectory, we’ll get there in my lifetime.


Original URL: http://www.parade.com/articles/editions/2008/edition_01-27-2008/Autism_Changes_Everything

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